Saturday, February 12, 2011

"I think they're perfect."

     Gravity.  It happens.  It's that natural force that pulls mass.  In today's society, women fight tooth and nail against this natural phenomena, with creams, exercises, jeans that tuck and lift, push-up bras and even undergo invasive surgical procedures.  And as a sales associate in a women's boutique I have come to find that every.woman  has some sort of inferiority complex about a specific part of their body to which they are somehow ashamed of.  They  are self concious and modest and do their best to camoflauge nearly every aspect of this "flaw" they see that in themselves.

     I would lie to tell you that in public I don't see women/girls dressing inappropriately.  For example, I will tell you seeing a girl in a mini skirt that doesn't cover her cheeks isn't becoming.  I mean, you can't even walk in that thing, how are you going to sit in a classroom?  I see the girl with her muffin tops squeezed out of her ill-fitting pants and too short top and wonder, who the hell let her buy those pants, and then told her it was "OK" to wear that top with them?  And then my second thought is, "I kind of wish I had that kind of self confidence to not care."  Sometimes, my thoughts are a double edged sword.  (Ideally, I would like to dress both these girls and show them how to use confidence to wear something smashingly gorgeous and properly fitting on her body type, but then one of my own flaws--second guessing myself--says, let her be.  She's happy with herself!)

     I mean, that kind of confidence is something that usually comes with body acceptance, and usually, that stuff takes time!  It was like my older co-worker telling a client that she still wears upper-arm-baring-tank tops, and then waving her under-arm-flags saying even though her arms might not be "pretty," they still work; and for that, she's grateful.  I love that attitude!  Every woman should embrace that about themselves.

     Confidence and gravity. What do they have to do with clothing law?  Well, one of my absolute favorite clients is a mature woman with a fabulously zestful attitude toward life.  On a recent and swift stop into the store, she told me she was in need of a new pair of trousers.  Great!  We grab a few pair and on the way to the fitting room, she tells me she's "not really dressed for town today."  I laugh and tell her that's why she's shopping.

     She shucks her pants off, puts on pair number one and opens the fitting room door and bounds out, holding her shirt up so I can get a look at the waistline fit asking "Well, what do you think?"

     And that's when I see it.  Gravity and confidence rolled into one.  Her bare "not dressed for town" nipples are hanging exposed, inches above the waistline of her perfect fitting trousers.  At this point, I have three thoughts.  First, the pants fit marvelously.  Second, she was right, she's not dressed for town and I didn't need to see that.  (things that cannot be unseen!)  Three, I'm glad these pants fit, because I wonder if "not being dressed for town" also means she might be going commando!?!

     I respond, "I think they're perfect." 

     I'll just let you guess at what I was referring to... 

     Self confidence is beautiful.